Jan 2023
Jan 2023

A group of hotels & resorts with establishments in a number of places at Phuket and Krabi.

Luxury with a locale: that’s what Deevana Hotels & Resorts offers. With our eco-conscious ethos, exclusive destinations and attentive service, each stay is styled with exclusivity and never compromised.

Deevana Hotels and Resorts is an award-winning hotel group that offers unique boutique hotel experiences in the most breathtaking places in Phuket and Krabi, Thailand.

All properties by Deevana Hotels & Resorts are on a sincere quest to craft memorable and delightful accommodations for worldly souls, with an accompanying promise to make your stay an insightful adventure. Our idyllic locations offer new, relaxed ways to experience inspiring journeys in Thailand.

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To be the very best requires creativity, commitment, and constant innovation-all things we do very well at Deevana Hotels & Resorts. And that’s why, year after year, we’re proud to have been showered with some of th most prestigious awards and accolades from renowned consumer and travel publications.


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